Which is the best insurance for my parents, at age 76 & 68 ?
I have checked with many consultants but most of them said father wouldn't get an insurance just because he is above age 75. He just got diabetic condition and taking medication for this. Otherwise healthy and active he is. Mother doesn't have any medication. Both has perfect height to weight ratio (BMI), if you must know.

Please help me out...
Ofcourse there are limitations to get insured after certain age as most plans in India stops intake at age 65 or max by 75 yrs. But that doesn't mean 'zero' chance, there are plans by HDFC ERGO and Care Health where they can be insured at any age.

Depending on the medical history, the suitable plans may vary. For instance, as per your details, they can still apply for HDFC ERGO's My Health Suraksha, which is the best possible plan in terms of coverage and value for money. In case of rejection during medical screening, you can try with the next suitable insurer, though the features may vary you can still get decent coverage.

If you wish to discuss this personally, message @ wa.me/919846233161
Abhijith Vijay
Insurance Consultant

Here are 3 plan suggestions (for age group 60-75 years)
✓ HDFC ERGO: MyHealthSuraksha 
  • no co-payment
  • no sublimit)
✓  Star Health: Assure 
  • compulsory co-payment
  • no sublimit
✓ Care Health: Care Senior
  • optional co-payment
  • some sublimit
these are for anyone with 2 or fewer lifestyle diseases. In case you have more complex illnesses these won't suffice.