Project #Care4Friends is an initiative by FinFwd blog. Anyone can become a part of this movement and help out a friend or family in need, just by referring them via our website.

What is Project #Care4Friends ?

It's a social cause & awareness programme aimed at protecting the families of Cancer Survivor or Deceased , by providing free cancer insurance for the immediate heir of the family (aka, acceptor). Here the acceptors are identified via referral system, followed by a verification process. If found eligible they are enlisted to our open beneficiary list and issued with Cancer Cover Insurance at the earliest.

How does this benefit the family of the Cancer Survivor (or Deceased) ?

Once a family has encountered with cancer; the financial damage, physical pain and mental trauma they undergo is unexplainable. This is roller coaster that we do not want anyone to ride twice or not even once. A cancer insurance will pay Acceptor's family with a lumpsum amount and also covers the treatment expenses in case of a cancer diagnosis.

Who funds this project ?

This is self-funded project, we do not accept any donations or contributions from any individuals or oranizations; instead we fund it from the income of Promoters of this project, with the support of Volunteers.

Who can volunteer ?

Anyone who can feel the cause here or has a sense of social responsibilty can volunteer regardless of their age, profession or location. We are currently supported by a few Social Workers, IT Professionals, Govt. Employees, Entreprenuers etc who introduce us to their friends with no Health Insurance, we make them aware of the need and get them insured. About 4 such referrals  can help us fund the Free Cancer Insurance of Rs 10 Lakh for one eligible person in our list; this 4 referral milestone of a Volunteer is what we call a ripple.

Is there a recognition or reward for Volunteers ?

Yes ! we extend our gratitude to our volunteers by giving them a Free Cancer Cover Insurance, as soon as they reach their first ripple. More over they can refer acceptor who will be considered as Privileged Acceptor and will be dealt with high priority.

Who are promoters ?

Insurance Advisors generally understands social responsibility more than anyone in a similar profession; they are the ones who work closely with people of different financial and social stature. Any such advisors, who are willing to spare a part of their income for this cause and who shares the same interests of the movement, are handpicked to join as promoters.

Contact for more info.
Abhijith Vijay 
Chief Promoter | Project #Care4Friends
Mob. +919846233161

Disclaimer: Neither us nor our volunteers use any popular brand names to promote this campaign, because its not end hiorsed by any. Project #Care4Friends is a vision of FinFwd blog and advocates of Health-Insurance-For-All movement.