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21 May
Normally, film insurance policies for the two films will not be the same. The requirements of the production company include each film insurance plan. In general, film insurance involves unexpected but unreliable events, such as the death of crew members who are critical to the making and development of the film, an actor's illness, equipment damage, and delay or destruction caused by natural disasters.

Listed below are some of the most commonly used film insurance policies.

Public Liability Policy - Insurance cover for members of the public and their property during the film making process.
Workmen's Insurance Policy - Coverage against costs or losses resulting from bodily injury, disability, or death of a worker in a film set.
Accident Insurance Coverage - Comprehensive insurance coverage that protects against expenses for any member of the team.
Equipment Coverage Policy - Coverage for loss or damage of rent or own equipment used in the development and production of a film.
Errors and Exclusion Insurance - Any lawsuit that claims unauthorized use of copyrighted material is protected against a construction company.

Film industry will reboots in India soon; especially in South India, and production companies and producers are mandatory to take film insurance to attain permission to schedule shooting operations with even limited crew members.

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